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Tony Bennett: 'Lady Gaga's jazz album will reaffirm she's one of the best'

Date of News: 2012-10-30
Source: bigpondmusic

[Source:] Tony Bennett has said his planned jazz album with Lady Gaga will "reaffirm she's one of the best".

The legendary crooner struck up an unlikely alliance with Gaga after their cover of 'The Lady Is A Tramp' was featured on Bennett's 'Duets II' album, and last month he revealed that the pair were working on a full-length album together.

Speaking about their planned jazz album, Bennett told Billboard that he believes the record will "really affirm that [Lady Gaga] is one of the best jazz singers that anyone has ever heard".

On arranging to record an album together, Bennett said that he was approached by Lady Gaga's father, Joseph Germanotta, who called on his daughter's behalf while she was in Australia to ask if it was possible.

Although the two singers have not yet found the time to record the LP, they have drawn up a "secret" list of songs to include and have approached arranger/orchestrator Marion Evans to come on board to work with them.

Bennett previously said he wants to start work on the album with Gaga "as soon as I can" and, when asked if they would perform live together soon, he replied: "Let's see what happens. She's a good friend and I respect that she's so creative, that every day she changes, she has so many ideas and carries them out. She just never stops with it. I call her the musical Picasso. Her energy is just phenomenal."

Gaga has been equally complimentary of Bennett in the past, too: last year she recorded and sent him a video of her wishing him a happy 85th birthday, while the singer revealed last October that the crooner had seen her naked while they were recording 'Lady Is A Tramp'.

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